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Stairlift FAQ's
 Will Medicaid pay for my stairlift?
Check with your contact, but usually, no.  back to top

 How much does a stairlift cost?
New straight stair-lifts typically run between $2,800- $3,500 depending the shape and design your stairway. Curved units typically cost between $8,500 to $15,000 depending on the shape and design of your stairs. This includes installation from a certified technician. Please call us to help guide you to the stair-lift that best matches your need & budget.  back to top

 What if the power goes out in the house?
Most models run fully or at least partially on battery power so you or your loved one will never be stranded by a power outage.  back to top

 What if the stairlift is at the bottom of the stairs and you are at the top (or vice versa)?
Our stairlift models have a remote control that will allow you to "call" your stairlift.   back to top