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Stairlifts for Straight Stair Cases

Accessibility for New England Inc installs straight staircase stairlifts throughout Mass, NH, RI, Maine & VT.  Our stairlifts attach to the stairs, not the walls which makes them safer and more reliable.

All of our models we offer are the best quality stairlifts in the industry.  

They are battery powered to make sure you or your loved one never gets stuck during a power outage & they all have fold away option to allow able bodied family members to navigate in safety as well.  

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Please call us to set up a NO Obligation appointment to analyse your home and needs to make sure the correct stairlift is installed safely and promptly or click through our different models below to learn more.

NEW! K2 Stairlift

The Savaria K2 straight stairlift features the most compact folded depth on the market, keeping your stairs clear when the lift is not in use. Smooth-riding with a comfortable seat, the K2 stair lift transports you over the barrier of stairs, giving you the freedom to stay in the home you love.

With a 350 lb capacity* and adjustable arm width, the K2 is well-suited to a wide range of comfort needs. Obstruction sensors, a retractable seat belt and overspeed governor all provide added safety features. The lift operates on a battery powered system with built in charging, that allows the lift to operate several times even during a power failure.

  • Ultra slim: Folded size of only 10.75", the smallest profile on the market to keep the unit out of the way when not in use
  • Quiet, smooth-riding operation: From the rack and pinion drive system
  • Battery operated: Built-in charging on the top and bottom of the rail so the chair can be used several times even through a power failure
  • LED status lights: To advise of any issues
  • Obstacle sensor system: On the carriage and footrest to stop the chair if it meets an obstacle
  • Safety features: Swivel and lock seat at top landing, retractable seat belt, anti-slip footrest, obstacle sensors
  • Easy operation: Includes 2 infrared remote controls plus toggle switch on arm rest
  • Comfortable and durable seat: With width-adjustable arms up to 20" wide 
  • Fast installation: To enjoy your stair lift quicker
  • Warranty: 36 months parts. Please see complete details HERE
The new SL-1000 stairlift works on straight stairs in residential applications to glide up and down in comfort and safety using the onboard controls or with the help of remote control operation, providing barrier-free access in your home.
With its extra comfort seat, adjustable width arms and high capacity, this stairlift is feature-packed. The constant-charge battery operation means that your stairlift works even through a power failure giving you peace of mind.
The Savaria SL-1000 installs quickly and easily and its onboard diagnostic display alerts you of any service issues. 
  • Continuous charge system: The battery is charged along the rail to keep it ready-to-use at all times.
  • Smooth, quiet operation: Drive system provides a soft start and stop with minimal noise.
  • Master shut off will turn off if not used for an extended amount of time: Money saving option for electricity and battery life.
  • On-board controls and infrared (wireless) remote: Easy to use controls, remote can be used to call the chair up or down when needed.
  • Obstacle sensors: Stops the chair if it meets and obstruction for safe operation.   
  • Other standard features: Continuous pressure operation, foldable footrest, folds up to less than 14" (35 cm) from the wall.
  • Standard finish options: Neutral beige carriage and wipe clean synthetic leather upholstery, neutral rail finish.
  • Safety features: Swivel and lock seat, seatbelt, non-skid footrest, obstacle sensors
  • Warranty: 36 months parts.

 Call us now to discuss which Savaria Stairlift is the best match for your needs @ 1888.9NE.LIFTSstairlifts for the handicapped

The Acorn 120 stair lifts are designed for straight staircases. The slim design allows for minimal obstruction on the stairs, allowing others to use the staircase freely when the stair lift is folded. The Acorn stair lift will blend into your home, and the smooth start and start allows you to glide effortlessly up and down the stairs without any discomfort.

At Acorn Stairlifts safety is not an option. All of our stair lifts come standard with everything to ensure that you are safe and comfortable. Years of research have gone into making the Acorn Stairlift one of the safest stair lifts available today. All that we offer to you is peace of mind.

Features & Benefits    |    Tech Specs

Trouble bending your knees? Staircase exceptionally narrow?

Then an Acorn 120 Perch stair lift is the solution to your problems with the stairs.

The Acorn perch stair lift is perfect for people who have narrow stairs or struggle bending their knees. With many of the same features and options as Acorn 120 straight stair lifts, the perch model includes a comfortable grab rail for extra security.

Features & Benefits    |    Tech Specs

 Call us now to discuss which is the best match for your needs @ 1888.9NE.LIFTSstairlifts for the handicapped